Restore Louisiana / Shelter at Home

Project Details

Construction Manager

$34 Million

State of Louisiana

Baton Rouge, LA

1,381 Homes Inspected; 800 Homes Repaired


Project Description

During 2016, Louisiana experienced two 1,000-year floods in a 6-month period that affected some 85% of parishes in the state. These disasters affected approximately 120,000 households. The State of Louisiana initiated the Restore Louisiana (ReLa) Program to assist Louisiana citizens affected by the floods and received $1.6 billion in federal Community Development Block Grant–Disaster Recovery funds. This program is dedicated to helping homeowners repair and restore their damaged homes. The program provided emergency temporary repairs allowing homeowners to shelter at home and communities to be repopulated rather than having entire neighborhoods displaced for an extended period of time. Basic repairs provided a home that was safe, secure and sanitary and included replacing electrical outlets that were submerged, a fully functioning bathroom and a kitchen sink and mini appliances for temporary usage amongst other scopes of work. This program began within days of the flood event and required an expedited mobilization. Within days, RAC had over 20 inspectors on the ground performing initial inspections of damaged property. Additionally, we set up a centralized field office, procured materials, hired multiple subcontractors, and created a mobile application for tracking work performed. At the height of this project, we were completing over 140 homes per week. The speed of implementation of this project required our processes and procedures to be adaptive based on changes issued by the Program Manager.