Roy Anderson Corp believes our people are the most important part of our company, and keeping our people, and those who work with us, safe from harm is our top priority. We use a “Plan, Do, Check, Act” methodology, because we believe Hazard Recognition and Elimination begins in the planning stage.

  • PLAN – Planning is the key to any successful project. Safety is involved through estimating and preconstruction. A thorough analysis is performed throughout the design and acquisition phases to ensure the right contractors, materials and support are in place.    Engineering out risk factors is critical to ensure a safe work site.
  • DO – A safe work site begins with coordination. By establishing controls that incorporate employee, customer and subcontractor safety inputs, we are able to incorporate sequencing in the schedules that allow for all trades to work safely. Preconstruction meetings are held before any trade begins work, and a Site Specific Safety Plan is developed for the unique features of each project. Each person on site is informed of this Plan.
  • CHECK – Hazard Assessments are ongoing and continuous. By actively monitoring and inspecting the work, hazards can be eliminated before they become incidents.    Daily Pre-task meetings are required before any work begins. Job Hazard Analyses are developed for each task, and reviewed throughout the process.
  • ACT – Evaluation and continuous improvement are the path to Safety Excellence. Through observation and monitoring, we are able to recognize strengths and room for growth.  This process has led to Roy Anderson Corp experiencing exceptional safety performances on all our projects.