BP Oil Spill

Project Details

General Contractor

$30 Million

BP Oil North America

Mississippi & Florida Gulf Coast


Project Description

The explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig in 2010 was by many measurements the worst environmental disaster in US history. After one month over 45,000 sq. mi., of Gulf of Mexico waters were affected by oil and began to wash ashore. Estimates of damages and clean-up costs after two months totaled more than $3 billion. Our task was to provide over 1,000 men and women to work in teams to patrol and clean the oil contaminated beaches. This process was repeated over and over as each tide brought more oil ashore. Special strike force teams were assembled to respond to immediate threats to avoid additional contamination to “critical” areas of the coastline (i.e. harbors, food processing areas). Our efforts included providing all manner of logistical support from transportation, meals and PPE for these men and women over 200 miles of coastline.