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DuPont 4

Mississippi State Port Restoration

Gulfport, Mississippi


Project Details

Mississippi State Port Authority

Project Size:
100+ acres

This Construction Management Program consisted of many different projects, all related to the rebuilding and upgrading of the Port of Gulfport’s facilities on the 100+acre West Pier. Each project was procured as a separate contract, resulting in participation from both local and national General Contractors. The program included dredging and filling, excavation, underground utility construction, deep foundations, asphalt and concrete paving, water borne and land based wharf improvements, shoreline protection, multiple maintenance and repair facilities, and the construction of a 300,000 sf plus multi-¬≠tenant cargo transit facility. The impetus for the program was the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina and the ultimate vision is modernization and increased ability to handle larger capacities of cargo at the Port of Gulfport.