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Howard Industries

Ellisville, Ms


Project Details

Howard Industries

Project Size:
260,000 sf

The first of this multi-phase project was a  200,000 square foot transformer manufacturing facility which consisted of all metal building construction with a 190—ton and 50—ton crane-way in the assembly area. The facility also had a separate maintenance, de-gagifier tank farm vault, compressor, administrative and security area adding another 50,000 square feet. The facility has an impressive 85 foot eave height and is 1000 feet long with near super flat floors for air pallet traffic. The facility is also designed with a railroad spur entering the assembly area for shipping and receiving, which the crane-way can access through two sets of motorized sliding doors measuring approximately 50 feet tall. Offices and a reception area were included in this facility.

The second phase was extensive site development including connector roads and utilities for the third project which is construction of the new administrative office building. This 60,000 square feet, 5-story tower consists of a concrete frame with a curtain wall.