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Estelle Pump Station and Vicinity Floodwalls

New Orleans, Louisiana


Project Details

US Army Corps of Engineers

Coming under the jurisdiction of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) West Bank Area office, the Estelle Pump Station and Vicinity Floodwall project runs adjacent to the Harvey Canal. Working as a major subcontractor to the General Contractor, Creek Services LLC, Roy Anderson Corp is performing the piling, concrete and steel portions of this project which consists of installing approximately 135,800 sq. ft. of new steel sheet piling and 212,595 lineal feet of steel H-piles. The new ten foot high concrete monolith floodwall sections extends approximately 3,874 lineal feet and replaces the existing temporary sheet pile levee protection. Included in the scope of work is a pipe crossing passing through the sheet piles installed along the Harvey Canal. This work is closely coordinated with the USACE and Chevron for proper installation at the 22 inch diameter gas line. The work includes concrete scour protection and a new flood gate located in the wall monoliths for access to the flood side of the levee wall.