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Hancock Medical Center Addition and Renovation

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi


This five-phase project consisted of a 10,000 sf addition and a 100,000 sf of reconstruction to existing facilities. The building’s exterior walls were removed and replaced with core filled CMU, waterproofing to 4.00’ AFF, dampproofing above 4.00’ AFF and brick veneer. Floodwalls were installed with operable floodgates to seal the entrances which creates a waterproof barrier in the event of future natural events. PH I: Demolition/renovation of Medical Nursing Unit consisting of 23 patient rooms, temporary Labor and Delivery, Bone Density, Vascular, Respiratory, Ultrasound, and Sleep Study Rooms and the addition of a 10,000 sf Swing Building for use by various departments during renovations. Lead lined construction was used to accommodate medical equipment. Phase I also included a new Chiller Building and Central Plant, elevating the building and plant to 4.00’ above mean flood plain. PH II: Demolition/renovation of Labor and Delivery, Nursery, Procedure Rooms, Postpartum Patient Rooms, ICU Rooms, and support services. Further work included renovation of the Emergency Department’s Triage, Examination Rooms, Trauma unit, Nursing Support, Ambulance access, and Patient Waiting areas. PH III: Retrofitting the Swing Building for Surgical Sterile, Outpatient Recovery, Registration, and waiting areas. Once the retrofit was complete, demolition/construction of four Operating Rooms, Outpatient Recovery and Medical Records began. This phase required retrofit of existing areas to serve as a temporary dining hall. PH IV: Further retrofitting of Swing Building for temporary Laboratory, Blood Bank and Hematology. Unused space was outfitted in final form for offices and administrative staff. This phase included demolition/renovation of existing Kitchen, Dining Hall, Materials Management, and Facilities Maintenance Depts. Phase V: Demolition of the temporary Dining Hall and construction of 12 Patient Rooms. No patient care services were interrupted during the work and this project was completed months ahead of schedule.