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Special Forces Complex Industrial Area

Eglin Air Force Base, Florida


Project Details

US Army Corp of Engineers

Project Size:
112,000 sf

The Special Forces Complex includes construction of several facilities that includes approximately 85,000 sf of warehouse space, office space, maintenance bays, parachute storage, drying tower, vaults, and storage space.   These facilities are pre-engineered metal buildings on cast-in-place concrete slab foundations with spread footings.

GSB Logistics Support Facility  (46,976 sf) – This building includes an 80’ high parachute drying tower with parachute dip tank in slab.

GSB Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (34,268 sf) – The TEMF includes vehicle repair bays with two vehicle lifts and one overhead bridge crane.

GSB Organization Equipment Storage Facility (4485 sf) – This building is a four-bay storage building.

GSB Oil Storage Facility (492 sf) – This is a one-bay storage building.

Wash Rack/Platform (2850 sf) – The Washrack is an elevated concrete platform on cast in place spread footings.  This facility includes a deep water well and small pre-engineered metal building pump house as well as a ramped concrete wash rack for maintaining and cleaning vehicles.

The associated site work includes concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalks, storm drain systems, water distribution systems, sanitary sewer systems, approximately 42,625 sf of asphalt paving, approximately 363,915 sf of concrete pavement, traffic markings, traffic signage, bollards, fencing, site lighting, and mechanical enclosures.