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Enlisted Barracks Phase II

Fort Carson, Colorado


Project Details

US Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha

Project Size:
340,000 sf

This complex consists of two 3-story barracks buildings which can accommodate 336 occupants each and two 2-story operational support / administrative buildings. Each barracks is comprised of 168 modules in which two bedrooms share a bathroom, foyer and kitchenette. Other amenities include storage rooms containing large individual storage lockers, laundry rooms, common areas for studying and socializing, a full residential-type community kitchen, mailroom, reception areas, and gazebo with picnic and barbeque facilities. In addition, special design elements were incorporated into the facilities in accordance with government requirements related to force protection including the use of high-impact drywall and blast-resistant windows. The project site encompassed 31 acres, including berms for force protection purposes, landscaping, sidewalks, a main access road and seven parking lots.