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Langston Hughes Elementary School

New Orleans, Louisiana


Project Details

Louisiana Department of Education, Recovery School District

Project Size:
98,642 sf

This public elementary school houses approximately 500 K-7 students and was constructed in two phases. Phase I contained academic classrooms, special education areas, a media center and full kitchen with dining facility. Phase II included a gymnasium and locker room facilities. Construction consisted of a structural steel building with CMU masonry and a brick veneer. This school is LEED Silver certified and incorporates sustainability concepts such as using recycled materials from the demolition of the original school. Each 900 square foot classroom features two nine-foot high windows, and main hallways and gathering spots such as the library and cafeteria were designed to use as much natural light as possible. The rooms are equipped with a motion and daylight sensing system enabling the schools master computer to adjust lighting levels in the rooms as the natural light shifts throughout the day.