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World War II Museum – Campaigns of Courage Pavilion



Project Details

World War II Campaigns of Courage Pavillon

Project Size:
32,000 sf

This project includes the construction of three new exhibit pavilions at the World War II Museum on Magazine Street in New Orleans. Together, these interactive spaces will portray all campaigns of the war on land, sea and air, honoring each branch of the U.S. military services, and tell the powerful story of life after the war. This 32,000 sf steel building consists of precast, metal panels, and curtainwall clad shell with a bridge connecting to the theater pavilion and future ground connections to the Liberation Pavilion. With a unique architectural look, the building includes angled exterior walls that are said to resemble the cliffs of Normandy. The building has three elevated concrete decks and interior features include a grand stainless steel monumental staircase with glass and metal railings, two airplanes hanging over the atrium and museum spaces and metal grille ceilings and rails. The Road to Berlin European Theater will present the larger context of the European front, helping visitors understand what preceded and what followed the landing on Normandy. The Road to Tokyo Pacific Theater will follow the path that led from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Harbor examining the cultural differences and tremendous range of extreme conditions that confronted our soldiers. Campaigns of Courage also will feature a ‘dog tag’ interactive experience where guests follow the journey of an actual participant in the war.