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George E. Ohr Museum of Art



Project Details

Ohr O'Keefe Museum of Art / City of Biloxi

Project Size:
12,200 sf

Museum of African American Art: 2400 sf single story structure. The foundation consists of 50 – 14” augured cast-in-place piles at a depth of 60 feet. Atop the piles, a series of concrete pedestals and beams integrate to makeup the elevated slab structure. A multifaceted array of structural steel provides the framework for this truly magnificent edifice. As part of the roof and exterior walls, a unique stainless steel cladding system make up the majority of the building envelope. Seven complex skylights provide natural lighting within the building. A “Granite Red Colonial” brick veneer provides an interesting contrast to the natural surroundings as well as the stainless cladding. Exhibition Gallery: 1300 sf single story structure with four skylights. The exterior skin is traditional stucco. Welcome Center: 8500 sf multistory structure comprised of a main floor level and two elevated terraces. The main floor includes a café, kitchen/catering area, office space, gift shop, and an A/V viewing area. The second level terrace overlooks the south plaza area. The third level terrace is protected overhead by a unique shoofly roof. Center for Ceramics: houses the ceramic arts education center, community meeting space, programming space, and administrative offices. The Center is clad in brick, white plaster, and stainless steel panels.