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Project Details

Hancock Bank

Project Size:
291,000 sf

This 15-story, mixed-use building received a complete renovation following Hurricane Katrina. The core received an upgrade of all mechanical and electrical systems. The four existing elevators underwent an extensive modernization process and a fifth elevator was installed in a vacant shaft in the elevator lobby. The shell received built-up bitumen roofs on the penthouse, 5th and 3rd floor roofs. A curtain wall system was installed. Large missile impact glass was installed on floors 1-8 and small missile impact glass was installed on floors 9-15. The exterior was decorated with a glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) panel package and new canopies which made the structure aesthetically pleasing. The park area received landscaping, stamped concrete, travertine and a fountain with the trademark Hancock Bank lighthouse made out of brick pavers. A fifth level was added to the parking garage.