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Project Details

Coast Transit Authority

The concept for the Comfort Stations was derived from the Propylea, an ancient Greek building that served as a gateway to the Acropolis. The Propylea consisted of two structures that flanked a portico, or covered porch, framing views to the Parthenon beyond. The configuration is similar in that a central covered porch is bordered on each side by raised restroom structures. The portico serves as a gateway to the raised plaza level from which access to the restrooms, utilities, and other amenities is gained. The raised plaza provides shade and creates a gathering space for beach visitors to readily use. A ramp and stairs connect the two plaza levels. An oculus, or circular window-like opening in the main floor above, provides light to the space below. These cast-in-place elevated bus stations can withstand 140-mph wind load. Concrete panels provide storm resistance, low maintenance, and long term durability.