Highland opens new $55 million hospital in Picayune

PICAYUNE, MS (WLOX) - Highland Community Hospital in Picayune moved all of its patients to a new $55 million facility in North Picayune over the weekend.  It's a new beginning for health care here in Pearl River County," said Hospital Administrator Mark Stockstill.  That new beginning comes after more than 20 years of talk of building a new hospital in Pearl River County to replace the 58 year old Crosby Medical Center.  "We made a decision that we were going to go all new, we weren't going to bring anything from the old hospital with us and we didn't," said Stockstill. The new facility boasts a lot more space. Each patient room in the 60 bed hospital is 350-square foot.

"The rooms are big to encourage families to stay here," explained Stockstill. "We're not going to be going home with them, so we want to make sure the family is here and they are taking part in the care so they're knowable once that patients get home.  "In each room there is an area that's called the 'family zone' where there is some seating. There's also a fold-out couch to encourage overnight stays."

The hospital employees are pleased with their new working environment.  "We don't have to worry about our hair getting wet from a leaking roof anymore," Nurse Connie Penton said. "I'm just elated. It's just beautiful and I know the patients are really going to enjoy the new facility. It's been a long time coming, but we're just glad to be here."

Hospital leaders say the infrastructure is already in place to expand the facility to up to a 120 bed hospital, if needed in the future.