Roy Anderson Corp utilizes value engineering analysis on virtually every project we estimate and deliver. We provide preconstruction services for most all our client’s projects. Each project involves extensive value engineering analysis prior to construction.

An analysis of materials, processes, and products in which functions are related to cost and from which a selection may be made so as to achieve the desired function at the lowest overall cost consistent with performance.

At Roy Anderson Corp, we realize that controlling construction cost during the design phase is the primary reason our clients invest in our preconstruction services. Consequently, we continually evaluate concepts, systems, components and material selections throughout the design process. During the schematic design phase, we offer consultation services to the team and provide comparative cost data for building systems such as: structural frames; exterior skins, mechanical; etc. As schematics progress to design development drawings, Roy Anderson Corp will engage reputable subcontractors to analyze the cost impact of alternate mechanical/electrical systems and provide life-cycle cost models. As construction drawings are developed, the budget impact of alternate material components and finishes are evaluated at each drawing phase. Each value engineering alternative is also evaluated for impact to the construction duration schedule.